On the 13th April we officially welcomed our new Hudson Coxless IV into our Curlew Family. It was fantastic to have all the Maloney family there to witness this great event.

Eddie Maloney was father to me, my two brothers and 3 sisters. He was born in Poplar, just a few yards from the entrance to the East India dock where his father worked as a stevedore. Both his grandfathers came from Ireland and became sailors in the British merchant navy, Edward McGovern on the coal ships working the east coast and Jeremiah Maloney sailed the world to NZ, Australia the USA on a range of ships including the tea clipper Thermopylae. Eddie grew up to love the sea and the river.

The Maloney Brothers ‘Popping the cork’

He spent all is working life as an industrial chemist at Burrells Wharf on the Isle of Dogs, just across the river, and frequently ate his lunch on the river wall watching the ships coming and going.

His main sport had been rugby, but he also rowed for some time at Crowland RC which became part of the Lea RC. Until his marriage to my mother he loved to spend his holidays punting on various rivers.

When Laura and Matt on the current Curlew committee got in touch with a number of old members, it was clear that over the last few years Curlew Rowing Club has undergone a renaissance and has become a formidable force on the river with an excellent fleet of boats. I was given the opportunity to contribute to this fine boat and I think that Eddie would have been delighted to think of his name on a boat going over the course at Henley and other regattas across the country with an excellent crew on board.

With no more ado I would like to name this boat Eddie Maloney.

Paul Maloney – 13/04/2019