Saturday 18th – We had a water users meeting at the Docks (well via Zoom) which was interesting.

Update in general, the docks will remain closed for May, regardless of the changes in Governmental Guidelines, and it looks likely June also. The reason is that this in line with Governmental advice, NHS Nightingale being close and it is unlikely that the social distancing will change.

In terms of the gym in Greenwich, this will follow a similar plan. However, we are going to use this opportunity to try and see if we can re-fit the gym so its something nice to go back to. We will also have to adhere to rules as well, so please be aware we have to introduce a booking system to ensure the gym adheres to guidelines.

We are working with Globe RC and the Traf Committee to ensure we get back to the gym at the earliest and safest opportunity.

Matthew Richardson, Chair

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