On the 25th April Curlew RC entered their first virtual regatta at Bewl Bridge Rowing Club. One prerequisite…access to an erg. For many of our members they simply do not have access to an erg, but for a few “lucky” …they do.

Our 1st virtual crew…

Giorgio Sdraffa, Steve Matthews, John Adcock, Ken Hutt who entered, singles, doubles and coxless quad.

Results are in:

  • Giorgio – Masters C 1x [9th out of 13]
  • Steve – Masters D 1x [7th out of 23]
  • John – Masters D 1x [8th out of 23]
  • Ken – Masters E 1x [4th out of 18]
  • Steve and John – Masters 2x [7th out of 37]
  • Ken and Giorgio – Masters 2x [13th out of 37]
  • Masters 4x [3rd out of 14]

Great results guys! keep up the good work!!!

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