This weekend saw 6 curlew crews race the Tideway, and the results speak for themselves. Our women’s first VIII did something no other Curlew VIII has ever done before, they won a pennant. Curlew RC are the proud owners of the Medium Club Pennant, a fantastic achievement for our Captain Jess and Coach Fred. It was also the first time the club had ever entered 3 women’s VIII before, and just shows the strength in depth of our squad. 

Not to be out done by the women, Sunday saw the turn of the boys. . . and what a performance the boys turned in. Going off in 49th due to the new points system saw Curlew in very unfamiliar territory, never before have we started so high, all  the boy needed to do was to hold their position. Our best position was 74th in 1938, and 76th in 2012, but Fred was adamant that this year was going to be the year we crack the top 75. The did it in style coming in 63rd. The best ever result for Curlew Rowing Club in 90 years of racing the competition.

A huge thank you to both the Captains Jess and Eoghan for their leadership and perseverance during the long winter months. Inspired by our results and want to join our squads, please contact our captains and we will be more than happy to get you on the water. We are a very friendly and fun club with the right mixture work/rowing life balance.  

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