The weekend of the 17th/18th August saw the largest number of Curlew entries this season, with boats in a number of different combinations from small boats Master AB Nov IV+ Winnersthrough to the eights. This was also our most successful weekend, with around 50% of rowers winning at least one pot and everyone getting to at least one final. We knew it was going to be a good weekend, when the Master AB Novice IV+ (Dan, Russell, Scott, Rob & Meriel) convincingly won their semi and then triumphed in the final. These guys have only been rowing together for a few weeks, with Rob, Scott and Russell having come through from our recent learn to row course. Shows that we are getting something right, they will be looking forward to the 2014 season with their heads held high! Well lads…it was a great effort, and it was the first victory for Curlew RC this season.

Next was the turn of the ladies, we had numbers on our sides, with a Novice VIII, IM3 VIII and IM3 IV+ entered. The IM3 VIII had a number of novices but their sheer determination and superior rowing ability gave their opposition a master class in VIIIs rowing. 010The women’s coach had earmarked Oxford as the regatta to win, and they did in both their boat class, IM3 VIII and IM3 IV+, this winning streak continued through to the Sunday where the novice VIII won their very first race beating Oxford Academicals: Verdict “Easily”, sadly lost in the final to Putney Town, by a length and a half…next time!. The IM3 IV+ continued where they left off from Saturday, and won in some style their category, leaving their coach with a pretty big smile.

For the senior men, there were a number of new faces mixing with the old guard of Curlew, on the Saturday the IM2 IV+ (Matt, Joe, Sam, Alex & Darcy) won their heat, but lost to Llandaff in the Semi. But, on reflection was a fair result considering the lack of preparation and time together, but the IM2 IV+ was back with a bang on Sunday winning the blue ribbon event, final race of the day with a storming 2.5 length win over Sons of the Thames (Jamie, Joe, Matt, Alex & Meriel). The senior men also had a number of smaller boats entered, The IM1 pair of Jamie and Ian got through to the final only to lose out narrowly due to an overhanging tree incident robbing them of victory. Our single sculler (Jamie) got through to the Semi of Novice Singles on Saturday and then got to the final of IM2 singles on Sunday…the search of the elusive sculling point continues, but this just highlights how competitive novice sculls are…

 Not only did Curlew RC own the water, they also owned the dance floor – a great night was had IM3 IV+ Winnerswhere we celebrated the victories in some style. Well done for everyone this weekend, it was a cracking weekend.

Final Results:


  • Mas. AB Nov. 4+ Curlew Beat Wallingford verdict “Easily”
  • IM2. 2- Sons of the Thames Beat Curlew verdict “4 Lengths”
  • W.IM3 8+ Curlew Beat Furnivall verdict “1 3/4 Lengths”


  • IM2. 1x Sons of the Thames Beat Curlew verdict “3 1/2” lengths
  • W.IM3. 4+ Curlew Beat St Edmunds College verdict “1/2” lengths
  • W.Nov 8+ Putney Town Beat Curlew verdict “3 lengths”
  • IM2. 4+ Curlew Beat Sons of the Thames “3 lengths”

If you would like to know more about Curlew Rowing Club or fancy learning to row, please email either the men’s captain or women’s captain.



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