Well done to everyone racing at Docklands Head yesterday! The crews coped well with some challenging conditions, and there were pot wins for Curlew in the Women’s 8+, Men’s 4- and Angus in the Men’s Singles!


We had many boats racing – provisional results are below (subject to confirmation):

3rd: Senior Men’s 8+: 2nd in Op. 8+ Band 1

5th: Men’s Masters (B) 8+: 1st in MasB 8+ (fastest boat in 2nd Division)

7th: Senior Men’s 4-: 1st in Op. 4-

10th: Men’s Masters (A) 4-: 1st in MasA 4-

23rd: Senior Men’s 4-: 2nd in Op. 4-

28th: Senior Women’s 8+: 1st in W 8+

32nd: Dev Men’s 8+: 3rd in Op. 8+ Band 2

36th: Senior Women’s 4-: 2nd in W 4-

65th: Senior Men’s 1x (Wilson): 1st in Op. 1x

68th: Senior Women’s 4-: 3rd in W 4-

69th: Senior Men’s 1x (Hemsted): 2nd Op. 1x

113th: Senior Women’s Masters (B) 1x (Jeff): 1st in W MasB 1x

145th: Dev Women’s Masters (A) 4-: 1st in W MasA 4-

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