Henley Womens Regatta Intermediate Club Eights C8

The Invesco Perpetual Challenge Cup

Curlew Women’s 1st VIII go for qualification, with 16 spots available and 29 crews. This year see a record number of Women’s VIII enter the club event at Henley Womens Regatta. Fingers crossed the girls can do it. See below for the list of entries…

28 CBR (A) City of Bristol C. Bloom, R. Perkins, S. Deambrosi, E. Bawden, L. O’Neill, J. Chapman, C. Farrar, R. Wilson, K. Richards (Cox)

29 OAC Oxford Acad E. Hinson, A. Fayet, J. Schulthess, J. Pott, M. Schiffer, L. Sefer, H. Shepherd, J. Vuoskoski, S. Woodhouse (Cox)

30 FSC Furnivall SC R. Hammond, H. Cornwell, G. Hill, C. Burns, S. Moseley, K. Shipley, L. Adam, O. Berry, A. Burkimsher (Cox)

31 KRC (A) Kingston RC K. Halle, H. Storen, L. Pettersen, U. Fries, K. Warner, O. Marshall, E. Bleasdale, D. Esterhuyse, S. Dore (Cox)

32 STN Staines BC G. Watling, R. Brown, C. Couves, C. Long, S. Richards, E. Corless, S. Cole, M. Shoolbread, A. Cackett (Cox)

33 TSS Tideway Sc Sch H. Smith, K. Erickson, M. Hollands, A. Keith, E. Peebles, C. Ricks, S. Trump, K. Potter, S. Shapter (Cox)

34 VRC (A) Vesta RC H. Futter, C. Wood, F. Robinson, C. Fermor, C. Long, V. Carroll, C. Choquer, K. McGregor-Ritchie, L. Hardcastle (Cox)

35 NRC Nottingham RC B. Williams, H. Wesson, L. Hartill, A. Relton, M. van Soest, J. Bowman, R. Mathewson, L. Townrow, F. Robertson (Cox)

36 LEA (A) Lea RC A. Hills, A. Johnson, S. Bennett, S. Brockmann, C. Sach, M. MacKay, V. Meade, C. Stokes, M. Pooley (Cox)

37 YRK York City RC L. Hawkyard, H. Waller, J. Pidgeon, A. Newton, E. Bourne, R. Witherick, M. Alexander, J. Rankin, H. Keenan (Cox)

38 TRC (A) Thames RC C. Loughnane, C. Orrell, H. Laird, R. Bernard, H. Carswell, K. Eskander, K. Woodward, F. Emeney, N. Kernan (Cox)

39 AGE Agecroft RC F. Barrand, C. O’Driscoll, K. Silverthorne, G. Miller, C. Walsh, F. Morton, A. Gardiner, C. Grandfield, M. Vannier (Cox)

40 CUR Curlew RC R. Jackson, I. Jirgensone, L. Abbott, A. Palsdottir, C. Williams, G. Barker, C. Waghorne, J. Phillips, A. Smith (Cox)

41 LEA (B) Lea RC G. Nassieu-Maupas, R. McDonald, C. Perrett, R. Gibb, A. Warne, L. Etheridge, H. Saunders, L. Segall, A. Linyard-Tough (Cox)

42 RDG Reading RC R. York, E. Biggs, L. Wallis, A. Rose, K. Lewis, A. Dickinson, E. Hodges, R. Klymow, A. Beake (Cox)

43 KRC (B) Kingston RC H. Walmsley, J. Berry, M. Addis, C. Bainbridge, K. Grernsranoi, P. Delvalle, E. Skinner, A. Reeves, R. Keri-Nagy (Cox)

44 COX Oxford City K. Elliott, I. Diment, E. Lyons, E. Cope, T. Peel, K. Salter, G. Carré, N. Sharma, L. Wright (Cox)

45 MAA Mortlake AA G. Pugh, N. Sacre, H. O’Mahoney, S. Jones, K. Engelsman, I. Zakers, C. Bruce, K. Keene, M. Fleming (Cox)

46 TRC (B) Thames RC R. Carter, L. Horton, J. O’Boyle, L. Nee, S. Jenkins, B. Spottiswoode, C. Potter, E. Roberts, A. Jackson (Cox)

47 ZGY Galway Rowing Club (IRE) A. O’Sullivan, R. Elwood, K. Folan, I. McDonald, R. Cahill, K. Wade, F. Caffrey, C. Elwood, N. Heaney (Cox)

48 NUN Nottm & Union J. Michalowska, A. Fenoulhet, C. Gallagher, A. Williams, M. Bryant Jeans, H. Lund, H. Walker, I. Pullinger, L. Stops (Cox)

49 SON (A) Sons of Thames V. Vockova, J. Parr, L. Renlund, J. Bacon, C. Brown, G. Webb, J. Svantesson, G. Harley, E. Smith (Cox)

50 DAT Dart Totnes ARC E. Beeley, G. Tucker, M. Mifsud, E. Mutch, L. Flynn, K. Pillage, L. Norman, E. Norman, H. Ombashi (Cox)

51 CBR (B) City of Bristol E. Greenhow, R. Harnett, J. Randall Smith, E. Grist, A. Young, E. McGeehan, A. Paraschivescu, R. Oates, P. Davison (Cox)

52 CAB Cantabrigian RC G. Vann, M. Rose, A. Brownjohn, M. Lloyd-Palmer, B. Stratton, J. Bruce, H. Cross, A. Perrin, E. Momcilovic (Cox)

53 PTR Putney Town L. Tompkins, J. Dicks, L. Peck, C. Mckay, L. Buchanan, F. Lawley, G. Killick, M. Perkins, T. Arora (Cox)

54 CAM Cambridge City M. Villarroel Tabernero, L. Beattie, A. Pochribniak, T. Morris, S. Valen, H. Creasey, A. Adriaenssens, I. Mahoney, R. Nimmo (Cox)

55 AKN Auriol Ken A. Schieck, M. Raffaele, M. Sborchia, K. Cyr, K. Page, A. Piggot, S. Lovett, C. Edwards, L. Foster (Cox)

56 VRC (B) Vesta RC V. Smith, C. Mackay, S. Withers, C. Speller, M. Blowing, S. Hoult, A. Hoskins, T. Madden, C. Kippax (Cox)

57 SON (B) Sons of Thames L. Singleton, R. Turnock, L. Kosty, S. Okell, C. Cooper, J. Morgan, S. Carstensen, P. Ogger, L. Green (Cox) C

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