Results are in:

Curlew come top 100 in the overall results with the men’s top crew finishing 65th (provisionally), and 17th in their Band 1 division. The women had a fantastic result finishing 5th in their Band 2 division, finishing 304th overall. The men had two other IVs which raced, finishing 11th and 25th respectively in their division.

Women’s Results

304th: W. 4- (Band 2 – 5th in division) – (Phillips, Leonard, Barker, Jackson)

Men’s Results

65th: 4- (Band 1 – 17th in division) – (Weekes, Stewart, Chruchus, Wilson)

189th: 4+ (Band 2 – 11th in division) – (Beards, Beamish, Stayton, Austin – Coxed by Smith)

259th: 4- (Band 2 – 25th in division) – (Ninham, Gibbons, Medwin, Scott)


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