Women’s Round Up:

As crew 282, we knew we had a long and cold wait up to the start; however, it was not all bad with some great eye candy racing down the river to keep moral high! We also tried adopting some mind games to psych out the Imperial crew marshalling with us, plus I passed on some ‘tricks of the trade’ with a sponge. 

So to the race itself…….We stuck to our racing start, with great calls from Gemma enabling us to hit our target rhythm and race pace before Fred (at Barnes) had a chance to say ‘Ratio!!’.  We knew Im

perial had long gone but we had a competitive City of Bristol crew steadily gaining on us.  They reached us by 


Chiswick Eyot, but we managed to hold them off and fed our legs with the numerous frustrated grunts coming from their stroke. We raced side by side all the way to the black buoy, and only then did they finally break free.   Becky steered a fabulous line whilst ensuring Bristol did not affect our rhythm.  With the cheers from the bank it was down to Jess to take us home, winding it up pip by pip and making sure the donkey’s didn’t do anything stupid. 

Overall, a great race, especially competing in the same boat class as the top clubs.  We are very happy with our result, coming 5/13 in Band 2 and 13/21 of all W4- crews.  Now our focus is on WEHORR!!!

Men’s Round Up:

Seeing as though my very first regatta was in a bow loaded four you’d think I’d be used to it by now right? Not quite. You get used to the restricted vision and having to feel what the rowers are doing rather than see it. However the one 

thing I’ll never become accustomed to is the feeling of complete terror as a wave comes towards to the boat. Especially after a tweet on Saturday mentioning that Hammersmith pumping station was discharging heavily diluted storm water into the Thames…
The fear soon faded as we spun above Chiswick bridge and started building, ready to cross the line. Having spent most of my time coxing an eight, lying down in the bows with an unobstructed view is great and being lower down intensifies the feeling of speed. It was definitely intensified on Sunday as we had a really punchy race, overtaking a crew as we approached Barnes bridge and it felt fantastic being cheered on as we went flying underneath Hammersmith bridge.
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