2020 – due to Covid-19 all races were cancelled or localised. 

Veteran Fours HoRR 2019 – Master B Coxless IV winners

Henley Royal Regatta 2019 – Wednesday Team Keane Bt Curlew RC – Wyfolds Challenge Cup

Henley Women’s Regatta 2019 – 5th Overall in Aspirational Coxless IV Time  Trial (Quarter-Finalists)

Nottingham City Regatta 2019 – Open Coxless IV winners

Head of the River 2019 – 1st VIII – 81st, 2nd VIII – 161st

Vets Fours Head of the River 2018 – Master’s A Coxless IV Winners

Henley Royal Regatta – Thames Challenge Cup: Itchen Imperial bt Curlew RC

Henley Women’s Regatta – Quarter Finals – Aspirational VIII

British Masters Championship – “A/B” Coxless IV & “A” Coxed IV

Vets Head of the River 2018 – 16th Overall (Master B VIII)

Head of River 2018 – 1st VIII – 63rd (Best Club Result), 2nd VIII – 134th (Best 2nd VIII placing)

Women’s Head of the River 2018 – 61st – (Medium Club Pennant Winners)

Peterborough Head of the River 2018 – Senior IV+ 

Sculler’s Head 2017 – Mike Scott (Master Fresher’s C Pennant Winner)

Henley Royal Regatta 2017 –  Wyfold IV bt Bedford RC 

Henley Royal Regatta 2017 – Thames Challenge Cup – Curlew RC lost to Leeds RC by a foot

Scullers Head 2016 – Scott Bramley 94th MasC+ Novice Pennant.

Docklands Head of the River – IM2 VIII, W.IM3 VIII, 1x Nov (three wins)

Upper Thames Autumn Head 2016 – IM1 VIII

Metropolitan Regatta 2016 – Elite 2- Winners

Worcester Regatta 2016 – Grand Challenge Cup – Top VIIIs, Fastest Crew of the Day

City of Oxford Royal Regatta 2015 = a win for the IM3 8+

St. Neots Regatta 2015 = goblets for NOV 8+, NOV 4+, WNOV 1x, MX IM3 2x and WIM3 4x

Women’s Head of the River Race 2015 = Women’s 8+ A places 76th out of 300 crews

The Greenwich Head 2015 = Men’s 8+ HoR (time only) and fastest IM2 W8+

The Docklands Head 2014 = Women’s HoR and fastest IM3 W8+

The Trafalgar Head 2014  = Men’s HoR, fastest W8+, fastest Mix2x

City of Oxford Royal Regatta 2014 = fastest IM2 W8+, fastest IM2 Pair, fastest Elite MX 2x