The Captain is responsible for determining the rigging set up of each boat. A number of factors determine the rigging of a boat, these include:

Size of the crew rowing to the size of the boat

Adjustments to this boat to accommodate the crew

For ALL adjustments to boat rigging and shoe heights (but not shoe position) the Captains permission must be sought. Any adjustments made during the competitive season must be returned to normal settings at the end of the season.

men rigging

women rigging


Rigger heights determine the height of the work and affect the height of:

1. swivel over the seat

2. swivel from the water

3. seat over the water

As a crew is allocated a boat, the captain will determine the required heights for the users of the boat and will take into account rower comfort and mechanical efficiency of the rower. As club boats are often shared the settings may be compromised to accommodate all crews using that boat.


(distance from vertical distance between the lowest point of the seat and the horizontal sill of the swivel)

Sweep – 15 to 18 cms

Scull – 14 to 16 cms

SCULLING (Bowside oarlock)

Swivel should be set from 0.5 to 1.5 cms higher than the stroke side gate due to the hand height difference at the cross over point

The 2006 FISA Rowing Boat Rigging Survey Rowperfect - Windows Internet Explorer

Wiring for the boats