Individual Responsibilities

• Dress appropriately for the weather conditions .
• Drink water before, during and after an outing.
• Be responsible for your own medication (e.g. sun cream, plasters & tape).
• Have dry clothes to change into after an outing.

Coaches must plan outings that are within the capabilities of their rowers and account of the weather conditions.
During an outing
• carry a mobile phone programmed with all of the emergency phone numbers
• have easy access to space blankets and throw lines.
After an outing
• Ensure any boat damage is reported to the equipment officer.

Prior to an outing
• Check that the Bow ball is securely attached
• Check the steering lines/mechanism and rudder are working correctly.
• Ensure the boat is carried out safely and undamaged.
During an outing
• All coxes must wear a personal flotation device over their clothing and know how to use it.
• Coxes and steers are responsible for the safety of their crew and other water users.
• To boat out of LRC all coxes and steers must be able to demonstrate to the Club Captain that they are able to give clear voice commands, steer a straight course and be able to perform an emergency stop.
After an outing
• Assist with the boat cleaning.
• Ensure that the boat is returned to the boathouse safely and undamaged.

Prior to an outing
• Carry the boat to the water safely and without damaging it.
• Help carry the oars/sculls to the pontoon
• Check your heel restraints are attached.
• Check the button on your oar is secure
• Check your rigger and seat are working correctly.
• Close all hatches to buoyancy compartments.
• Ensure your gate is securely closed.
• When you number off you are confirming that all these check have been completed.
During an outing
• Respond to all calls from cox/steer immediately.
After an outing
• Help with the cleaning of the boat or return the oars/sculls to the boathouse.
• disinfect your oar handle if a blister has burst during the outing