The last couple of years at Henley we have seen a number of club run their own BBQ for members past and present. It has been the aim of many committees to do a similar thing for BOjJg11CUAAxAhMCurlew, finally we put all that good will into place. Friday 5th July of Henley saw our first BBQ/Picnic organised by the committee for rowers and their guests.

In the glorious sunshine a number of past and present Curlew rowers mingled together swapping old rowing stories. We even managed to see an old Curlew RC Tie (coming to the kit list very soon). I think the outcome was far better than we ever imagined, pimms and beer flowed just as well as the conversation. I think special thanks as to go to the following individuals whose drive and enthusiasm made this BBQ possible; BOjJsBoCcAA_8H3

Anita Jeff,

Joelle Hartley,

Maxine Livesey and Jamie Sunderland.

Special mention goes to Martyn Hall and Mike King who are clearly very popular selling 8 and 11 tickets respectively.

For those who missed it this year…fear not, we will be making this an annual event.


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