Curlew Rowing Club has named their new Wintech Coxless Pair after our Development Coach Nicolas King. Nick was unable to attend and so sent through the following response which was read out in his absence.

I am sorry I cannot be with you today. It has nothing to do with the fact that Matt only told me about this less than a week ago but rather more to do with the fact that I have to speak at a spirit/bar tender convention in Brooklyn. Currently I am mid-Atlantic and so I am afraid I can only be with you in spirit.

I am very grateful for all of the kindness and generosity that has been shown to me in recent weeks by Curlew. It is a great honour to have a boat named after you. But I haven’t done all this for a black sticker on a hunk of carbon fibre. I have done it for the people and in an attempt to make sense of a sport which is something of a paradox. There is only one movement set and as the Donovan brothers so famously put it race strategies are pretty simple…..and yet….it is ridiculously difficult to master or make sense of….or so I thought until I realised it is all about catchphrases. So, let’s see how many of these sound familiar…

Your blade offers you no moral, financial, philosophical or physical support. Stop leaning on it.

Timing is not an optional extra. Jazz rowing is not a thing.

There are no prizes for getting up the slide first.

I haven’t said ‘go’ yet.

Your arse is a good deal stronger than your biceps.

Sit up…..for the love of God sit up.

Stop waving the sun god during the recovery.

Rock and roll.

Straight, rotate.

Legs and lever.

….and finally the best top tip ever

The rectangular blue bit goes in the water.

Thank you for this very great honour and I will see ya’ll next weekend, jet lag permitting.

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