On the 3 September 2016, Curlew celebrated its 150th year at Clarendon Hotel in Blackheath . Old and new members joined together to celebrate the wonderful history of the club.


Anita Jeff lead the evening as the current club chair toasting to the past, present and future club members.  We were also lucky to have a number of different members sharing their experiences. Thanks go out to Peter Bladesby, Matthew Richardson, John Brunton, John Skuse, Jonathan Hood, Richard Lee, Beverly Quinn, Rick & Jill Geer, Emma Dyson, Laura Binns and Sam M.


Each member had their own stories to share. They ranged from Peter who was unable to attend but did a video talking about his experiences with Curlew and how he got involved as his father was a member. Others told about their Head of the River experiences and aiming to come last. They failed one year as a boat sunk but still finished the race. The following year they succeeded by taking a longer break at the pub. Beverly talked about her experience as one of the first female rowers with Curlew. It is amazing how much they paved the way for the future woman of the club.

curlew_3 curlew_4

Members shared stories of Henley, races, friendships made and romances. After the dinner and talks members past, present and future mingled together, shared stories and breaking it down on the dance floor.

It was a great way to celebrate 150 years of memories and toast to another 150 years more.

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