Curlew took the “water” again, first race of the season…sadly no muddy field, bacon rolls, dogs of regattas but we still had the same determination. Results are in:

Singles results.
@Belinda WMAS B :third_place_medal:3/4
@Karin WMAS C :third_place_medal:3/6
@Felix Hemsted MAS A :first_place_medal: 1/6
@Gediminas Stasaitis MAS A 5/6
@Giorgio MAS C 5/15
@John A MAS D :third_place_medal:3/10
@Jon Cole MAD D 4/10
@Ken Hutt MAS E 10/18
@Steve Matthews MAS E LWT :third_place_medal:3/5
Guest rower Dingeman Wiertz MAS A (LWT) :first_place_medal: 1/2

Double results
@Karin Kraemer & @Belinda WMAS B :first_place_medal:1/1
@Felix Hemsted & @Jon Cole MAS B :first_place_medal:1/3
@Giorgio & @Gediminas Stasaitis MAS B 3/3
@Ken Hutt & @Steve Matthews MAS E 4/7Mx 2x
@Belinda & @Felix Hemsted MAS A :third_place_medal:3/3
@Karin & @Giorgio MAS C :second_place_medal:2/5

Fours results
@Steve Matthews@Ken Hutt@Jon Cole@John A MAS D :first_place_medal:1/1Mx 4x
@Karin@Belinda@Ken Hutt@Felix Hemsted MAS B :first_place_medal:1/1

Brilliant results guys! well done and keep the great work up!

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