Having access to an Erg was one of the few positives for me in the early lockdown and having the opportunity to enter some online events, such as with those organised by Bewl Bridge, was a great incentive to keep active and set goals. Having entered BRIC twice before, when the possibility of a virtual event came up, to be run over a weekend, I was also keen to give it a go. I entered the individual 500m and 4 x 1000m relay with 3 other Curlew members. I didn’t feel a 2k was a good idea due to my fitness level. Unlike the Bewl Bridge events, which were simply to submit a time within a window and based on trust, the BRVC was to be a linked and synchronised event with everybody racing in real time. I’d received an entry code for each of the events and tested the connection in advance so was sitting at home, ready to go, but still not sure how this would work. There was also online commentary which I was live streaming during the races, giving an additional feeling of participation. I managed a PB on the 500m, coming 4th overall.

In the relay, it was obvious from the start that the team which won was out of our reach however we were in a real battle for 2nd against a Broxbourne crew, watching the distance between us edging back and forth. I’m not sure how, but in the final quarter we managed to dig deep to hold on for Silver. All in all, very pleased with the event and our results. Words by Ken Hutt

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