One month afte the inaugural Bewl Bridge Virtual Regatta on the 23rd May it was time for round 2, this time with a twist, the addition of a running option to go along with the ergs. This gave us the opportunity to expand the team, although a clash with the lockdown regatta meant that the erg owners were joined by just 2. But what a pair they were, with Ben Leach picking up our first lockdown win by storming the 1k MAS C run and Jon Cole coming in 4th in that category. The ergers mostly managed to improve on times from the first event and we had a bit of success in the pairs with Belinda and Ken coming 2nd in the Mx MAS C. The last event in the series was a 500m sprint held on the 20th June. For this final push we were joined by Jon Cole, who had managed to hire an erg, and a ringer Kees found in the dock’s car park.

The shorter format seemed to suit the team better and we all seemed to move up a place or 2 in the individual events but that really came thought with our various combinations with Belinda and Ken winning the Mx MAS C 2x, Jon and Kees doing the same in the MAS C 2x and Ken and John A taking silver in the MAS D 2x amidst much grumbling about the unfairness in comparing RowPros with C2s. Many thanks to Bewl Bridge RC for running these events and I hope that we will be able to go down and row against some of the people we were competing against on their home water in 2021. Words by John Adcock

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