Dear All Members,  

The Committee met last night to decide on the best way forward for the club and for our membership. It is worth noting that during difficult times, the club always and will always prioritize the safety of our members, with no members we have no club. So your safety is the driving force behind the following decisions.  

I want to address three keys points, what are the club’s immediate plans, what we are going to do during these difficult times and finally what we, as a club can do together to ensure the future of Curlew RC. 

As of the communication which went out on all social media channels, the club is escalating their response to the spread of COVID-19.

Following the gym closure on Tuesday, we will now cease all water based activities at the docks. This is for ALL members of the club, including members with private boats. The club will cease ALL upcoming socials, group training, training camps and sadly our learn to row until further notice. This was the consensus of the Committee, and I trust you understand, support and comply with the decision.  

In terms of the club continuing to function, the Committee is determined to ensure the well-being of our membership. So, starting this Monday 23rd we will be rolling out a home workout plan with our coach Alex Brown (who you may or may not have met), Alex is also going to be speaking to you all to check on your progress and keep you mentally and physically fit. Alex, in conjunction with the committee will be working to ensure you stay engaged with the club and ready to get back on the water as soon as we are given the all clear – so please make sure you all do the survey sent out in squad Whatsapp.

The Committee is also looking in ways to stay fit and healthy as well, whether its on line socials, group strava competitions or challenges against Globe RC. We will be putting individual, squad and club competition aside to work as one club to pull through this time.

What can the club do for you, and what can you do for your club?

As you are all aware, the club is funded by our membership – no members, no club. But given the extraordinary situation we are in, the Committee has decided the following:

1. An optional membership reduction across all squads to £25pcm from April 1st – This maybe revised for May depending on the situation. 
2. Learn to Row Members – We will like to offer you the chance to join us, and to participate with Alex and his homework out. It will also give Alex a chance to speak with you – please fill out the form sent in the chat. 
3. For our members who are in jobs, industries or contracts which have been or will be impacted economically by COVID-19 we will stand by you, no member will lose their membership due to losing their job. We will be supporting all our members over this time. Please contact Darci – our membership secretary. 

Lastly, I call upon our membership to take it upon themselves to help the club and our members. Over the coming weeks and months people will experience lows and highs, we all need to be there when people experience the lows and celebrate the highs.

Together, and only together this club, our club will pull through this difficult time. So, I ask you, take it upon yourself to push each other, arrange phonecalls, share “banter” on watsapp groups, be innovative with how we communicate and socialize, do not wait for captains to lead, we all need to lead. 

Thank you all for your dedication to this club, this club is 154 years all and over that time we have rode out the worst storms together, and we will ride this one out. 

I, and my Committee are here for you. Kind regards, 
Matthew Richardson