Curlew RC Annual General Meeting – 2018/19

Thursday 29th August 2019 – Curlew Clubhouse, Greenwich

Club Captain – it’s been a great season with lots of success for all the squads, from Docklands Head in the autumn to Oxford City in the summer. We welcomed 6 new boats in naming ceremonies, as well as adding a new Women’s IV- to our fleet. We had a great Learn to Row course, 3 training camps (Tideway, Henley, Peterborough) and succeeded in bringing 2 boats to both Henley Women’s Regatta and Henley Royal.

Our Vet’s squad also saw success, winning a pennant at Vet’s Fours Head and joining our Senior Men to enter a 2nd boat to Henley Royal. The club has been more involved in racing, entering new regattas, including Sudbury Regatta, which we hope to return to in the future.

Thanks also go to Nick and Fred, plus Julian, Ed, Dom, Fabien and Emily who all helped to coach our Development Squad, Gemma for organising our Learn to Row course and Taster Day, and all the squad captains, Emily, Stu, Ed, Henry, Sam and Claire, for their continuous effort. Fred has agreed to coach until HoRR, so we are actively looking for a replacement.

Women’s squad – it’s been a great year for the squad, with a win for the Women’s VIII at Docklands Head and 2 boats heading to Fours Head. Unfortunately WeHoRR was cancelled, but we had a great summer camp including 3 new Devs who worked hard to form the Development boat for Women’s Henley (a category which we’re hoping to enter each year and bring more members up). Our top women’s IV- came 5th in the time trial at Henley Women’s Regatta, making it to the quarter finals and earning Kamile a blazer, and we saw success at the British Rowing Indoor Championships, coming 3rd in the relay.

Men’s squad – the season started off strong at Docklands Head, with wins in the single and IV-. The squad entered 2 boats to Fours Head, as well as entries to BRIC and a triumphant win in the quiz. Unfortunately, Scullers Head was cancelled, but we entered two VIIIs to HoRR, which was an achievement considering flooded rivers and grounded boats in the run-up to the race. The IV was successful with a win at Nottingham City (a real achievement for the club) and second place at Wallingford Regatta in the Club IV- final. A sunny training camp at Henley provided great opportunities for the steersmen and to practice some side-by-side racing, in preparation for Henley Royal Regatta. Jake, Fabien, Dom, Ed, Sean and Felix were all awarded blazers this season, with a pre-qualification for the VIII and qualification for the IV. Oxford City marked the end of the season, with a win in the pair for the 3rd year running. We start off the 19-20 season with a very promising, so watch this space…

Development squad – the biggest squad in the club saw changes with a restructure in order to accommodate all members and increase water time, with the squad splitting into Intermediate Men, Intermediate Women and Novices. Racing has been high on the agenda, with entries to Vets Fours Head and Vets Head and a busy regatta season, as well as success on the ergs, with 3rd place at BRIC. The women’s side has developed, thanks to Claire, with a sufficient core now to get boats out consistently in order to train and race. A big thanks to all the coaches, Julian, Nick, Ed, Dom, Fabien and Emily and everyone who coxed.

Finances – overall income was down 14%, with only one Learn to Row course and Taster Day taking place, due to the size of the current Development Squad. Membership was up 4% however, due to full capacity of the Development squad and larger senior squads, with Fundraising up to £6,000 due to a successful Christmas Party auction and boat naming ceremony. Member support for fundraising in supporting our socials, Learn to Row courses etc is key, with Easyfundraising remaining a real opportunity to increase fundraising for the club!

Racking fees were up 20%, due to an increase in fees plus paying partial racking fees for our members’ singles. We also had a higher maintenance spend due to an intensive winter training camp plus the refurbishment of several boats within our fleets. During the season, the club purchased a new Women’s IV- and blades, as well as undertaking extensive repairs to the trailer. We saw reduced coaching fees, due to reduced hours. Ultimately, our cash balance is down to £XXk (mostly due to the reduction in Learn to Row courses and Taster Days). We finally succeeded in changing bank this year, which will save £1,000 in fees, so please change your membership payments over asap. The truck has been disposed of, due to the expansion of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone and associated fees; we currently have access to a member’s vehicle, however we do need to earmark cash for a new truck, as well as a new pair, a new senior women’s VIII and a sternloader IV+.

Nominations for the 19/20 Committee

Chair – Matthew Richardson

Club Captain – Jessica Phillips

Secretary – Rebecca Jackson

Treasurer – John Stewart

Men’s Captain – Marcus Yarwood

Women’s Captain – Kamile Matulenaite and Kat Blomberg

Development Squad Captain – Joe Crotty and Claire Postles

Kit Secretary – Gemma Barker

Regatta Secretary – Angus Wilson

Membership Secretary – Darci Dutcher

Alumni Officer – Giorgio Sdraffa

Information Officer – Emily Wilsher

Boatman – Felix Hemsted

Learn to Row Coordinator – Darren Williams

Social Secretary – Stuart Beards, Edward Ninham and Thomas Weekes

Fundraising – vacant currently

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