On Saturday 8th June 2019, Curlew Rowing Club formally welcomed 6 new boats to our ever expanding and improving boat fleet.

We thank Sam for his kind donation for the naming rights of these boats, including the humorously named “Sam’s not John’s” , which demonstrates that competition still runs strong even in boat naming!

We are pleased to welcome the following boat “The Jeff” – The Club would like to thank the friends and family of Anita Jeff who paid for naming rights of our club single. Anita has been a great ambassador for the club, having been Chair for 5 years and thoroughly modernised the rowing club.

We are pleased to welcome the following boat “Robert Weekes” – Robert is the father of Tom Weekes, Tom has been massively involved with the club since he joined the club 5 years ago. Having been Men’s Captain and Club Captain. Tom won the naming rights at our Christmas auction and dedicated the boat to his dad.

We are pleased to welcome the following boat “Eddie Maloney” – We are very proud to name the Club’s top Hudson IV the “Eddie Maloney” after the father of Hugh and Paul Maloney. Hugh and Paul joined Curlew Rowing Club 50 years ago and have recently got back involved with the club. We are very lucky to have such great alumni.

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