2020 has seen unprecedented challenges to society, and to our sport. The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 enduced national quarantine programmes rolled out on a global scale, in an attempt to control, contain and eliminate
the worst effects of the virus. The impact that this had on sports, and owing, was catastrophic; a situation that a year ago no one could have envisaged. However, despite the restrictions on our normal way of training
and operating, Curlew rose to the occasion in emulating as much of a ‘family club’ feel as possible. From quiz nights to educational seminars, Curlew was a pioneer for how to do Lockdown right!

Our challenge now is to embrace the experience of 2020 and approach the 2021 Season with excitement, vigour, and a steely determination to train and perform to the best of our ability within the Thames Region, and place Curlew on the map nationally for being what it is: an extraordinary club. Project Build, is a programme that will focus on the both the community ethos and solidarity of the club, and the high performance competitive aspect. Detailed training programmes will go hand-in-hand with a busy
social calendar, to deliver an enhanced platform to utilise the best of the ‘Clubhouse mentality’ within what will most likely remain to be, a tentative post-Covid 2021. The Project will be set out early in the New Year, with the launch of the 2021 Season.


In tandem with Project Build, will be a re-structuring of the
Squads. This will be a move towards a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Squad shaping, whilst maintaining both the Development Squad and a recreational element. The idea behind this change is to:

  • Stratify the Development Squad
  • Provide a more professional structure to the club
  • Create a more competitive, and attainable,
    performance squad
  • Create a more defined recreational element
  • Allow a better, more streamlined pathway for new
    members to join
  • Build a club culture
    This structure will be launched in the New Year, along with
    the Project Build programme.

-Alex Brown (Head Coach)

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