Club Photo WorcesterFrom May 1st to 4th, Curlew left London and retreated to Worcester for an intensive spring training camp. Here, club captain Matthew Richardson shares his thoughts on the long weekend:

We returned to Worcester once again in 2015, but this time we came en masse. In the last 10 years at the club, we have never taken so many rowers to one training camp — over 50 in total. It was a logistical nightmare, but with good planning on and off the water, everyone had a great time.

We were very fortunate to have ample coaching for the camp. Curlew head coach Luke Vernal arranged for all boats to have a dedicated coach for nearly every session. I doubt many crews on training camp have the same luxury. We also brought the new development squad with us for the first time, fresh from the Learn to Row course. It was felt by the committee that they could learn more at Worcester over 2 days than over a month at the docks. It was a fantastic idea which helped gel the team and crews together.

The club would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, from the guys and gals at Worcester who catered, fixed our boat etc. to all those coaches who came and helped make our rowers better. Also thanks to the rowers whose positive attitude throughout the camp made it one of the best camps we’ve ever had! We’re looking forward to returning again…maybe next year if the weather is nicer.

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