Curlew’s hard work this season paid off at the St. Neot’s Regatta, where the club triumphed in five categories on July 25th and 26th.

The club has a history of performing well at this competition, but this year produced an especially bountiful crop of pots.

The women’s squad stormed the IM3 4x category, with Curlew newcomer Hannah Laird at stroke, joined by Meghan Rigby, Jessica Robertson and Chelsea Crouser.

Curlew chairwoman Anita Jeff turned in a strong sculling performance, scooping up pots in the women’s novice sculls and IM3 mixed double with Murat Demircan.

The men’s squad did equally well, with some of its most experienced oarsmen — Marcus Yarwood, John Stewart, Sam Molina and Jonathan Middleton, coxed by Nicola Freeman — rowing to victory in the novice fours.

The men’s squad also showcased the depth of its development programme, with up-and-coming new rowers joining more seasoned squad members to win in the novice eights. The crew was Marcus Yarwood, Jonathan Middleton, Sam Molina, John Stewart, Elliott Mcilrath, Matt Jordan, Sam Son and Alex Gibbons, coxed by Nicola Freeman.

With such strong performances behind them, the club looks in good shape to take on the last regatta of the season: Oxford City on August 15th & 16th.

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