Winners (Angus Wilson, Stuart Beard, Tom Weekes, Jake Wilson) Open Coxless IVs

Results from Nottingham City Regatta

Curlew RC: Band One VIII (Heat)

Shiplake College 106:10.4
City of Oxford 206:18.4
Sheffield Univ 306:20.9
Curlew 406:26.2
Cardiff Alumni 506:27.4

Curlew RC: Open Band One IV- (Final)

St Edwards Sch 106:30.7
Latymer Upper Sch 206:33.4
City of Oxford 306:35.5
Curlew 406:39.9
Maidenhead 506:40.3
Royal Chester 606:43.1

Curlew RC: Open IV- (Final)

Curlew 106:41.2
Maidenhead 206:47.3
Royal Chester 306:51.1
Norwich 406:52.4
City of Cambridge 507:18.8

Curlew RC: Women’s Open IV- (Final)

Mortlake A&A 107:27.4
Curlew (PHILLIPS) A107:47.9
York 207:59.2
Thames 308:03.0
Cambridge (CREASEY) B408:03.5
Curlew (BLOMBERG) B508:40.6

Curlew RC: Women’s Band One IV- (Final)

Nottingham Univ 107:18.5
Staines 207:43.5
Curlew 307:49.6
City of Cambridge 000:00.0

Curlew RC: Women’s Band Two IV-

York 107:43.5
Shiplake College 208:03.5
Curlew 308:11.9

A fantastic weekend at Nottingham city Regatta, coming away with a great second place in the Women’s Open Coxless IV category and the first win at Nottingham Regatta for over 10 years in the Men’s Open Coxless IV category.

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