Sunday the 10th of November saw 13 Curlew crews race over two divisions. Crews from the Senior squads and Development squads took on the 3k home turf course.

It was a great day with 7 wins:

  • Senior Men’s 1x Band 2
  • Senior Women’s 8+ Band 1,
  • Senior Men’s 2- Band 1
  • winning fastest women’s boat
  • Senior Women’s 4- Band 1
  • Development Men’s 8+ Band 2
  • Development Men’s 4- Band 3
  • Development Men’s 4+ Band 2

I don’t think anyone can prepare you for how cold it gets when you’re a cox in a Head Race. The previous day, during our morning session, I got my first taste of rowing during the winter months. Visibility was poor, and my hands only regained their ability to move 2 hours later. On the morning of Docklands Head, I was ready and clutching the race plan in gloved fingers, I ran through the strategy – the drive, the lengthening and the power 10s. Luckily, the Dev w8+ were 17th in Div1 and the m8+ a mere 2nd in Div2 reducing the time sitting and ruminating on how the race would play out. As soon as the Marshal said the word ‘Go’ both crews had their eyes in the boat and were giving it their all. The w8+ averaged a rate of 30 throughout the race and showcased their continually growing confidence as a team. The m8+, spurred on by ‘C’mon let’s beat the seniors’ achieved a cracking time of 11m 28.41s – winning their band. As the first head race of the season, both teams went away from it with a sense of pride but also eager to get back out on the water to build on what they’d learnt. The season’s only just begun and I’m excited to see how the squad progresses. More ergs, more weights I hear Nick cry! In the meantime, I will be investing in some furry leggings with a built-in hot water bottle. Words by Daisy Parker

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