Marlow Regatta 2016:

Saw Curlew’s two Henley crews get much needed race practice ahead of the qualifiers on the 24th. The VIII raced IM1 and IM2 Category, which gave them four 2k races over a 6 hour period. A very tough day racing. The VIII has a few sessions left to before qualifiers and will be putting in 100% to gain those extra seconds they need to make HRR this year.

The pair had a successful outing, coming 4th in the Elite category time trial and then 5th in the ‘A’ Final. Considering the strength of the competition (Leander, Molesey, Oxford Uni) the pair were quite content with their results. It was a confident outing before the qualifiers this coming week.

Full results can be found here: Marlow 2016

Come and cheer the boys on the 24th June – the Pair are off first at 2pm and the boys in the VIII are off at 2.45pm.

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