Boat Name Boat Type Squad Priority Captain’s Permission
Matthew Richardson VIII Men Yes
Peakant VIII Men Yes
Lynn Bryan VIII Dev  
Maxine Livesey VIII 1st VIII Yes
Ray Cassidy VIII Women  
Stampfli IV-/x  Master Rowers  Yes
Stuart Lane IV-/x Men  
Richard Beech IV-/x Men  
Walnut IV-/x Dev  
Saga QI IV-/x 1st IV Yes
Kathleen Furlong IV-/x    
Temeraire IV+ 1st IV Yes
Eddie Maloney IV- 1st IV Yes
The Grifter IV+ Dev  
John Hasler 2-/x Men Yes
Kristina Rosa 2-/x    
The Predators (x3) 2-/x    
Agecroft 2-  Dev  
Wintech  2-/x Women   Yes
Hwt Single 1x  Yes


Captain’s Permission: For the 6 boats highlighted above (Empacher, Peakant, ML, Saga QI, Temeraire and John Hasler) if you wish to row in these boats outside of designated squad time you will need the Club Captain permission.

If you have any questions or concerns please talk to your captain and your coach.