Guys & Gals, its getting to that time again when we are very close to the start of the season! We need to make sure we hit the ground running, with all boats ready and raring to go! As you are IMG_0464aware our boat fleet is quite aged, and so needs a lot of TLC. We generally try to get everyone down before the season to get all the boats off the racks, washed, thoroughly gutted, fixed where possible and if things are broken we then get replacements.

Can we get everyone down on Sunday 25th August at 9am, where we will divide into team. We need to wash all the boats, check heel restraints, shoes, seats (incl. Axles), slides, nuts and bolts (as the salty water corrodes them). We also need to repaint the A and B sets of blades as well as the sculls. The committee will be sending out an email about this in the coming week…so please all watch your inboxes.

A few helpful Curlew members thoroughly gutted the traf gym this weekend, it is clear that this gym has not been cleaned for a long time. It is our responsibility to maintain the gym to a high standard. Every Thursday, for the people using the gym, please can you give it a quick hoover and can you wipe the surfaces. We will be instigating a rota with Globe RC where we will be taking in turns to clean it thoroughly.

Kind regards

The Committee

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