Good afternoon Club Member, 

Week two of our lockdown online group session are now done, and congratulations for all those who have taken part. We have had over 45 individual members join for at least one of the sessions this week. 

Monday – Circuits – 28 members

Tuesday – Yoga – 30 members

Thursday – Yoga – 21 members

Fridays – Circuits – 11 members (early morning)

Saturday – Strength & Core – 25 members

It would be great to push these numbers up even higher, so if you have not joined yet, try and make one of the sessions – our captains will be reaching out to you all over the course of the next few days to check in and see how you are doing. Moving forward, We will be rolling out via slack a online plan for those who cannot attend the circuits, we will also try and record the body weight circuits to post on slack also.

However, i would urgh you all to join these sessions, training together is much more fun. Also do not forget to join our Strava Club to get involved in the weekly game of “Beat the Felix”.

What else is happening? The Committee has also taken this opportunity to fix the steering on the pairs, they have been returned to the docks with new footplates, steering and these small boats are ready for when we get back on the water. We are also looking at other boats to refurb during this time.
Socials – the Committee is also rolling out some online socials – watch your inbox for more information! These will be open to all…

Tomorrow Alex will be hosting a drop in coffee for those of our members who want a chat, these chats do not have to rowing orientated, these drop in coffee sessions are to support our members during lockdown. Thank you alex for your continued support of our club members. 
If you have any feedback or ideas on online socials please contact me directly

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