A frustrating day…Curlew failed to win a single race. However, there are a number of positives which will be taken from todays racing.

Women’s 1st VIII lost by half a length to Exeter RC (who finished 60 places ahead of them at WeHoRR), yet they were leading off the start but failed on their transition and thus never capitialised on their rapid start. Something for their coach to ponder tomorrow – but there are encouraging signs that next friday’s race against Lea RC isnt a full gone conclusion.

The Brit IV – had a tough first round against fellow Brit IV hopefuls, Reading RC – the verdict was 2 lengths. But this fails to explain the full story of the race – not only did they manage to hit the tree/bank they also hit the umpire launch. Clearly Curlew boats are designed for straight line racing.

The Women’s Novice VIII – had a valliant effort against Southampton University – Verdict (we do not want to talk about it). This does show the strength in depth of the women’s squad – to have two VIIIs at Reading was a great achievement in itself. These novice girls will be back with a bang at Kingston (when Universities have gone home for the summer.)

Finally, we saw the first competitive outing of our new pair. The Elite Pair Final – Although Jamie and Ian are technically IM2 – this was always going to be a challenge. Verdict was 3 lengths, however, signs are encouraging for this pair as they go into summer regatta season…

Next stop WHR & HRR


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