Hello again everyone,

Bonfire Night is almost upon us! The annual Curlew Bonfire Night social will be happening on Saturday, November 2nd.fireworks-night We will be meeting in the Railway Inn, right next to Blackheath Station at 6pm. Sometime around 7 we’ll make our way to Blackheath to see the spectacle of fireworks that are set to start at 8pm.

For those of you who are new to the club or have been on hiatus for a while – this is the perfect opportunity to get to know all the other fantastic Curlew members (it is a team after all!). For all you oldies, I can’t wait to see you at another memorable Curlew social. 

This is an open social, so feel free to bring friends, the more the merrier! If you’re coming on your own and are worried about finding us – I’m the short, loud American girl (a cox, of course) and you can email me if you’re having any trouble. 

Looking forward to attending the fireworks in force!


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