Results from WeHoRR:

Curlew 1st VIII – Winners of Medium Club Pennant – 61st Position

Curlew Masters VIII – 142nd 

Curlew 2nd VIII – 222nd 

Results from HoRR

Curlew 1st VIII – 63rd

Curlew 2nd VIII – 134th

Curlew 3rd VIII – 272nd

Stuart Beards rowed in the Men’s 1st VIII:

Sunday 11th March, the day had finally arrived. It was HORR 2018 and the big question on everyones lips…was it going to get cancelled? While Fred and Eoghan compared wind speeds and directions from every internet weather website available, the rest of the crew tried to settle on the agreed racing attire. Was it a long sleeve base layer or a short sleeve base layer? Leggings or one piece? The combinations were endless but eventually it was time to boat and make our way to the start. Things started to get serious, it was time to spin and remember the race plan. Three draws, build, wind or as Fred simply put it “don’t **** it up”. 

We were off. Conditions were looking good and we had one thing in mind, push away from Lea RC and catch UL. The start was a bit of a blur and next thing Alex informs us that we are about to pass our West London residence, Thames Tradesmen RC. We push on through Barnes Bridge and hit the change in the wind direction we’d been informed of. 

As we come round the Eyot, Alex informs us that Hammersmith Bridge is in sight and we are going to take two crews. Another minute goes by and the sound of the UL cox gets louder and louder stroke by stroke. Soon we realise that the UL crew were shouting and grunting and wonder what is going on behind us.

As we come through the bridge we get forced to take the bend as the French crew we’ve caught up with decide to steer away from UL and into Curlew. The power 10 call comes from Alex and in anger, Tom (7 seat) is now rowing with his oar under the bow man’s seat. Could this be it? Are we about to merge boats? The power 10 call comes again and we break away and push through with the end in sight. Next call and we are at the hole in the wall. UL are alongside and we know we are in the last segment. The calls keep coming and the rate winds begin. UL begin to eat our dirty water and the finish line is in almost there. The last few calls are made and we are done. Complete. Fin. Eighteen minutes of suffering are over. As the pain begins to sink in, the sound of Angus hurling comes through the speaker and echoes off Putney Bridge. Next thing it’s spread and everyone is suffering. 

After a few minutes of rest we are on our way back to Tradesmen. How had we done, had the near collision cost us? Did Eoghan’s wellies weigh us down? All these questions and no answers. Only time would tell. 

We eventually make it back and are greeted by Fred. We are told we were in 49th but it’s now 63rd and unless there was a superhuman crew racing in the 200s that’s where we will finish. Was this good? Was Fred happy? Fred tells us it was adequate. Almost good but not quite. It was like the end of a Carling advert. It’s good but it’s not quite good enough. Either way, the crew was in high spirits and finished the night celebrating the result.

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