Head of the Trafalgar 1Two dozen boats from three East London clubs took to the water on Sunday to race in the first-ever Trafalgar Head of the River.

Curlew turned in an impressive performance, with the club’s Men’s VIII, Women’s VIII and Mixed Double triumphing over crews from Globe and Poplar.

The Curlew Men’s VIII was the swiftest crew on the river, finishing the 4k course from the Blue Bridge to the Millwall Docks over a minute before their counterparts from Globe.

Curlew MVIII+ Trafalgar Head

The Women’s VIII, the sixth fastest boat at the Head, beat the Poplar first Men’s VIII by six seconds.

The Mixed Double, Anita Jeff & Murat Demircan, turned in the Head’s fourth quickest time, beating several quads and VIIIs.

Curlew also entered a Mixed VIII from the dev squad coxed by Curlew head coach Luke Vernall. This was the first race for some members, and the crew navigated the course without any major mishaps or crabs.

Curlew Dev VIII Trafalgar Head

Getting in and out of the water proved an amusing challenge, with rowers wading into the Thames in wellies before clambering into their boats. Coach Luke was carried by piggyback to and from his seat at the stern of Ray Cassidy.

Trafalgar Head of the River 2

After the races, crews gathered in the clubhouse for some much-needed hot tea and breakfast butties.

The races marked a confident fall season debut for Curlew’s VIIIs. Next up, the Docklands Head!

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