The Trafalgar Trust 2001 Ltd is a small independent charity (No: 1101911) set up

“ To provide facilities for water related and other physical recreation at the Trafalgar Rowing Centre for the public benefit and in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the life conditions of people who because of their youth and/or social and/or economic circumstances have need of such facilities.”

We are looking for a new Trustee, nominated by Globe Rowing Club, to replace Phil Collins, one of our Founder members who sadly passed away last year.

The Trustee role is to provide strategic direction, ensure good governance and assurance that the charity operates in accordance with its purpose and charity law. The Trustees are Directors of a limited company, Trafalgar Trust 2001 Ltd. Trustees act as company directors , anyone disqualified from acting as a company director cannot be a Trustee.

The criteria for the Trustee are:
(i) understands or is willing to learn about what is involved in being a Charity Trustee and acts accordingly;

(ii) interest in promoting facilities for rowing/watersports in and around the Thames and promoting wider use of the facilities.

The work involves providing direction to the TRC Management Committee on how best the charity can promote the use of the facilities now and in the future, in line with its charitable objectives and ensuring good governance. Attendance at the Annual General Meeting is required.

We are particularly interested in a Trustee who is willing to join the TRC Management Committee, responsible for running the facilities and developing plans for the future.

The criteria for the role on the Management Committee are:

  • a skill/experience that would be useful either now or in future (e.g. financial, secretarial, building works/maintenance, events, marketing, social media, business planning);
  • willing to take on operational activity to share the work that cannot be done remotely (routine maintenance, upgrades, sorting post, dealing with emergencies);
  • interest/ideas about practical ways to promote greater use of the facilities in line with our charitable purpose.

If anyone is interested please contact

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