Ladies and Gents, for the past few seasons Curlew wallingfordhave tried and failed to attend Wallingford HoRR (generally the weather has been against us). However this weekend (8th December) saw three Curlew boats hurtle down the river.

In true Curlew style – it was not all plain sailing with the top women’s four developing seat issues within the first 50meters of the race. Unfortunately they were unable to continue…but, on the bright side they go into 2014 being undefeated with one DNF and two cancelled head races…silver lining and cloud comes to mind. Weybridge had better watch out…these ladies have something to prove.

The VIII faired better finishing in the middle of the pack, 5th out of 8…with a number of noticeable absences and the majority of the crew only picking up an oar 12 months ago, we think this is a great result all things considered…and things are looking up…

The men’s IV – who had a storming result at Vet’s HoRR the week before were always going to struggle in a non-vet category. However, Scott said coming off the race that the boat felt really good –  and that shows in the result coming 3rd in the “Club” coxed IVs, a mere 3 seconds off Auriol Kensington. 

Times for All Curlew Crews:

Position Bow Number Club Category Stroke Adj Time Pen
180 107 Curlew IM3.4+ CUR-Murdock 18:34.6
242 77 Curlew W.NOV.8+ CUR-Duval 20:33.1
264 125 Curlew W.IM3.4+ CUR-Mikoda n/a DNF




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