To kick start January, Curlew RC will be rolling out a online training programme with Coach Alex. As part of this training we will starting Power Yoga with a Yoga professional – More details on slack. However, find out more below.

We will be practicing a vinyasa style ‘power yoga’ with a focus on strength and flexibility for rowing. Where possible Emma will offer different versions of each pose to suit all athletes and there will always be the option to come into a more restful pose if part of the flow is not working for you. 
Contrary to popular belief – yoga is not for the already flexible, it is to help us become more flexible so no prior experience is required. Don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes, you will be amazed at how quickly flexibility improves with a regular practice. When you’re all back in boats you will have the most beautiful rockovers on the Thames. 

Zoom details:
Time: Tuesday 6pm – 7pm & Thursday 7pm – 8pm.
Check out SLACK for details

If you feel comfortable doing so, please have your camera on as it helps me to pace the session and allows me to provide clearer guidance on poses. 

For each session please bring:
– A yoga mat (or towel or rug)

– Water

– Comfortable clothing (something you can move in)

– A warm layer/blanket (for the relaxation at the end)

– 2 x blocks (thick books, sturdy cushions or similar will work)

– A strap (belt, dressing gown tie or similar is perfect)

We won’t use the latter in every session but it will be useful to have them to hand. 

A bit about Emma:
After a series of joint issues and knee dislocations that got in the way of my running, in 2014 I joined Putney Town Rowing Club through their Learn 2 Row programme. My aim was to find a low impact sport that would be gentle on my joints. I quickly became addicted, practically lived at the club (I met my husband, 2 of my bridesmaids and had my wedding reception there!) and was lucky enough to be selected to compete at HWR in 2016. Sadly, my body couldn’t handle the training load and having smiled through the pain for 4 years of training (and 10 years of ‘this doesn’t feel quite right’ symptoms) I was finally diagnosed with hypermobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – a connective tissue disorder that means I am particularly prone to joint issues and dislocations. I reluctantly gave up rowing but started coxing as a way to stay involved. I also turned to yoga as a way to build up my joint strength and have never looked back. 

Fast forward a few years and I am now a qualified yoga teacher with a focus on yoga for athletes. I’m happy adapting the practice to those with or recovering from injuries as it’s something I have had to do for myself. I also have a lovely 7-week old boy called Finley and after a somewhat challenging pregnancy I’m enjoying adapting my practice and working with my body to build back to full strength. 

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